About Us

We are all police officers or are prior military and have real world experience in carrying a firearm for a living in both open and concealed methods. Let us give you the tools and tricks of the trade to keep you safe on the streets with your family.

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Our Instructors

Our training staff has been picked for their skill level and effective teaching ability. Each instructor is well versed in his area of expertise and has demonstrated the ability to train both civilians and Police Officers in the safe use of firearms in a defensive environment to protect themselves and loved ones if the need arises.

Collectively we have trained hundreds of students both, law enforcement and civilian, to reach their highest potential with a firearm. Utilizing sound training methods to develop skills that build on each other and create a solid safe platform to operate from. Whether it is a relaxing day of target shooting or a deadly force encounter on the street, you will have a solid platform to operate from. It will only take practice to reach your highest potential.



A Police Officer with just under 20 years of experience and is the owner of Safe Side Tactical.

He is a certified Police Firearms Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA In Home Defense Instructor, and Utah State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor. He also holds many other state certifications to teach firearms courses.

Paul has been teaching Concealed Carry Courses for the last 4 years and draws from his experience in working undercover narcotics. Paul currently serves as a Patrol Sergeant and the Sniper Team Leader for their multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. Team, with over 18 years of experience as a S.W.A.T. operator.

Paul has developed most of the courses taught at Safe Side Tactical. He believes that education and training is the key to staying safe and hopes that you will take the next step to be on the safe side of a deadly force encounter.



Chris has been a Police Officer just under 20 years and is currently a Patrol Sergeant.

He has spent most of that time also assigned to the multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. Team, where he functions as an Entry Team Leader.

Chris is a certified Police Firearms Instructor and has trained hundreds of Police Officers and civilians in tactical firearms. He is responsible for developing and is the Lead Instructor for all of the Defensive Pistol classes at Safe Side Tactical.

Chris brings with him to each class years of experience as an Entry Team SWAT Operator. There is always a reason for every movement and method that he uses to teach students the most effective way to make their firearm function.



Ever has been a Police Officer for over 10 years and a Marine Reservist for just under 20 years.

He is a state certified Police Firearms Instructor and certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor. He served two tours in Iraq with his Marine Unit. Ever currently is assigned to the Patrol Division.

Ever will be the Lead Instructor for our courses in Spanish that are currently being developed. He will be offering Concealed Carry Courses and the Basic Firearms Course in Spanish, as well as, most of our other courses for citizens that speak Spanish as their preferred language.



Mike has over 15 years of law enforcement experience and is currently assigned to the Patrol Division of a local Police Department as his full time assignment.

He is a certified Police Firearms Instructor and Certified Master Firearms Instructor. Mike currently is assigned to a multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. Team where he serves as an Assistant Entry Team Leader.

Mike is responsible for the development of our Tactical Rifle course and is the Lead Instructor for all of the Tactical Rifle classes. He brings with him years of experience in operating the AR-15 platform, his preferred rifle of choice. Mike has taken all of his knowledge of the AR-15 platform and developed a course that will start easy and build up your skill level so that you can accurately engage targets with your rifle while moving.

Mike has assisted and trained hundreds of Police Officers and S.W.A.T. Team Members throughout his career.



Lynn is a retired Air Force Officer and an NRA Training Counselor. He is also the owner of Safe Side, LLC.

Safe Side, LLC. specializes in custom ammunition for competitive shooters and law enforcement. Lynn is the Lead Instructor for all of Safe Side Tactical's NRA classes and is the developer of our Long Range Rifle Course. Lynn has been teaching firearms safety for decades and has the ability to offer courses for all shooting levels and long range shooting.



Bob is a veteran Police Officer and a Vietnam Veteran.

Bob has spent years in the competitive shooting arena and is Lynn's partner in teaching the Long Range Rifle Course.

Bob is also a State Certified Master Firearms Instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor, as well as, a certified armorer for numerous firearms. Bob has the ability to explain the most complex tasks in a manner that even beginning shooters can learn from. Bob has taught several hundred students in his training career and looks forward to helping you learn to shoot a firearm safely.