• $150
  • AMMO NEEDED: 100 rounds
  • DATES: 11/08/2014
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Since Illinois citizens will be carrying concealed soon it is time to learn the fundamentals of concealed carry. The instructors are all police officers with years of experience carrying concealed firearms. Come and learn from the best. 3 hours – To show and practice the basics of a safe draw from a concealed holster–hip, ankle, purse, etc.

You bring your firearm and holster and 100 rounds of ammunition. Learn the safe way to draw from a concealed holster. In three hours we will cover safe draw, shooting stance, and spend one hour on the range practicing the skills that were learned.

This is your chance to learn from veteran police officer's:

  • Mind set
  • Defense techniques
  • Weapons retention
  • Safe Draw
  • Presentation of firearm
  • Aiming and firing under stress

This course will start you on the path toward safe concealed carry.

We will be submitting the course for approval by the Illinois State Police for consideration of credit toward part of the required 16 hours of training for the Illinois concealed carry permit.