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    CCW Illinois, Utah, Florida, & Arizona
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Illinois Concealed Carry is here, it is time to learn from the best!

Our program meets and exceeds the requirements set by the Illinois State Police. All of our instructors are certified Illinois Police Officers that patrol the streets and protect your homes every day. Who better to learn from then the men and women that have been carrying guns in Illinois for years?

We are offering a combined Illinois, Utah, Florida, & Arizona Concealed Carry Program. In this program, you will receive all of the training needed to apply for all four different states.

Why get all four?

Since Illinois is not going to honor any other states permit, most of the other states will not honor the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. (There are only 12 to 17 states that will honor an Illinois permit.) If you are going to travel outside of Illinois and want to carry, you will need to obtain a Utah, Florida, and/or Arizona Permit. Utah, Florida, & Arizona Concealed Carry Permits are honored in more than 24 states.

Our program will give you an intensive, in depth over view of the new Illinois Concealed Carry Act and the application process. After instruction, you will demonstrate a safe holster draw and presentation, safe firearms handling skills, and pass a qualification course for the State of Illinois.

What sets our program apart from everyone else?

Law Enforcement Instructors and their experience in real life situations that are discussed in the classroom. Any instructor can teach the basic knowledge on how to handle a firearms, what we bring is real life experience in the application of the law and its interpretation and enforcement.

We are offering 16 hours of training for the low price of $250. If you already have part of the training, you will receive a discount on the training that you need to satisfy the Illinois requirements.

Our program is broken into 4 hour blocks of training that can be taken independently of the other and in any order. We have facilitated this to make your learning experience as flexible as possible for your hectic life and busy schedule.