• $150
  • Includes ammunition and the use of firearms. No FOID card needed.
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What will you do if an intruder breaks into your home?
How will you react? What is your plan?

Our course is designed for both beginners, as well as, advanced shooters. With the experience from this class, each student will be able to make an educated decision if someone breaks into their home. This is a unique course only offered through Safe Side Tactical at GAT Guns. TIn the complex society that we live in today, there are many questions to be answered. Let us help you learn how to make the right decision when seconds count and you and your families' lives are at stake.

Please bring your questions and concerns. Our instructors present the lethal force material in a relaxed and helpful way that will simplify the complex moral and legal questions that such encounters impose.

Our Home Defense course will teach you how to develop an individual plan for you and your home. By the end of every course, each person will have a plan in their hands to take home and implement that is unique to their residence and family. We will have an in-depth discussion on the laws in Illinois and some of the unique differences of our laws versus other states.

We will help each student develop a safe room that is unique to their home and a list of required equipment that will help the police and the home owner ensure a safe resolution to a tense and scary situation.

Each student will have the opportunity to see how the most common home defense rounds perform when being shot through drywall. Students can also bring in their own personal ammunition and firearm to test what they have already chosen to use. (Instructor or range officer will have final say if ammunition can be used)

The most unique part of this course is the shooting portion. The students will participate in a shooting exercise that allow them to see how many walls home defense rounds travel through if the target is missed. This is usually an eye opening experience.