• $225
  • Appropriate calibers include (but not limited to) .223/5.56mm (62gr-80gr), .308, .30-06, etc.
  • Must have zeroed rifle at 100 yards
  • AMMO NEEDED: 80 rounds
  • Sunday 06/28/2015 8am-4pm
  • Sunday 08/16/2015 8am-4pm

This course is designed for shooters who want to challenge their abilities at long ranges. This 6 to 8 hour class that will cover all necessary skills for shooting targets out to 600 yards.

Each student will receive a copy of the material covered in the classroom. This course will also qualify you for the follow up and advanced courses offered by Safe Side Tactical to enhance and develop your skills as a long range shooter.

The classroom portion will cover all of the ballistic information and calculations needed to shoot at longer distances. At the range, we will confirm your zero, perform Tall Target Drill (to conform your scope adjustments at 100 yards), perform ballistic calculations, and then shoot on the 600 yard range verifying your adjustments. We will also demonstrate the accuracy differences and benefits with custom loaded ammunition.

Prior to the class, your rifle needs to be zeroed at 100 or 200 yards. You will need to bring eye and hearing protection, and at least 40rds-60rds of ammunition. Although shooting rests, spotting scopes, and calculators may be available, it is highly recommended you bring your own.

Rifles and ammunition should be suitable for long range shooting. Appropriate calibers include (but not limited to) .223/5.56mm (62gr-80gr), .308, .30-06, etc. Lighter bullet weights are not recommended for long range shooting.

If you have any questions concerning firearms or ammunition, please contact one of the Safe Side Tactical instructors before the class date.